About Us

My husband and I are located in a small town on the edge of Kansas City.  It is our little slice of paradise and we are lucky to be able to share it with our beautiful Lagotti.  Along with our dogs, we also have three children and four grandkids which keep us very busy.  

I first became interested in the Lagotto in 2010 when my two retriever mixes were diagnosed with cancer.  Vet visits for chemotherapy were difficult when loading and unloading two ninety pound dogs in/out my SUV.  I have a long standing love for retrievers, but knew when it came time to add to our family again, I wanted to find a smaller dog, but with the retriever love and personality I adore.   A friend introduced me to the breed and a year later, I was in Italy spending time with Marta and Rocco (my first mentors in the Lagotto breed).  After touring Italy and truffle hunting with them and their dogs, I boarded the airplane home with a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy named Violet Gray “Grayce” and some truffles their dogs found while we were truffle hunting; my love for the Lagotto had officially been born.  A year after I brought Grayce home, we added a second Lagotto, “Addy”, three years later we welcomed "Mela" to our home, then "Lizzy", "Havana" and most recently, our little firecraker "Caeli" ... life has been Lagotto crazy ever since. 

My Lagotti and I participate in a lot of activities.  We enjoy obedience, AKC conformation and volunteering at one of our local nursing homes.  But most important, I enjoy being a breed ambassador for the Lagotto Romagnolo.  We are often out and about in Kansas City with one of our dogs…spreading the word about our wonderful breed.  I am also President of the Lagotto Club of America national breed club and serve on the health committee. 

All of my Lagotti are very loyal and loving with a strong working drive.  I quickly realized how fortunate I am to have these wonderful dogs in my life and wanted to be able to share that gift with others.  During this timeframe, I met Jacki Barbieri from Terra Incognita Lagotto Romagnolo; she has become a dear friend and my second, very patient mentor.  I’ve spent much time studying the breed and developing my breeding program.  My goal is to breed puppies that have a social, outgoing temperament and are healthy, loving and loyal, while at the same time, are able to stand up conformationly in the show ring against the toughest competitors.  I love to share my enthusiasm for the breed with new prospective Lagotto owners and to develop long term relationships with them. 

With the love and support of Jacki and my family, we have welcomed nine litters into the World are now planning our summer 2023 litter. 

Thanks for your interest in our dogs - Kim and Steve McBee