- OFA Hips - Excellent

- PennHip - .27 and .45 
- JE - carrier
- LSD - clear
- Eyes clear - 2020
- Patella - normal

- Elbows - normal

- Cardiac Echo - normal
- My Dog DNA on file

- OFA CHIC #: 135078

- OFA Hips - Fair
- JE - carrier
- LSD - clear
- Eyes clear - 2021
- Patella - normal
- Elbows - normal
- Cardiac Echo - normal
- My Dog DNA on file

Our dogs are members of our family.  They cuddle on the couch with us and sleep in our bedroom.  They have a birthday party each year and dress up for Halloween and Christmas.  There is nothing we'd rather do than spend time with the "fur-kids".  

Addy is the queen of our home.  She is very dedicated to her human family and will do anything we ask her to do.  She loves to visit the nursing home and has a complete wardrobe that she wears just to impress the residents.  She also loves to retrieve balls from the swimming pool which is where you will typically find her during the summer months.  During the winter months, she loves to snuggle with her human family and is happy to do so.  Addy’s main job is to be an amazing breed ambassador and to bring happiness and laughter to those around her.  If we are not giving her enough attention, she will get our attention by stealing paper, pens and shoes and then will bring them to us.  She is very smart and if there is something she wants, she will figure out a way to make it happen.  Addy has had all her health testing, is structurally beautiful, and has a wonderful temperament.  Addy's sire won Best of Breed at the 2015 Eukanuba National Championship dog show.  Addy retired in 2019 and is living her her best life with us.

Grayce was born in Italy and became an international traveler at a very young age.  She loves to stalk and hunt any squirrel or chipmunk nearby.  Grayce is high energy and very athletic.  She loves to be outside.  She looks me directly in the eyes as if to say I love you mom and she gives the sweetest, gentle kisses.  Grayce retired from our breeding program and is living close by with her new mom.

Our Dogs

Violet Gray - "Grayce"

Our Newest Addition is:

Yellow Brick Road's Havana Banana - "Havana"

Yellow Brick Road's Apple of My Eye, BN CGCA TKN - "Mela"

Lizzy was born August 13, 2019.  She is out of our Adele and Ch. Argo (who is youth campion of Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Italy and, Champion of Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, International Champion and Bundessieger 2015).  Lizzy has an amazing temperament.  She is a dog that can go anywhere and be happy.  I call her "Switzerland" because she is neutral to everything and loves everyone.  Lizzy's favorite pastime is playing  ball or hunting ground squirrels and birds.  Lizzy recently retired from our program and is living with a family and their two Lagotti.

Hubbell - "Bubby Boy"

Perfetto Adele - "Addy"

Mela was born 8/7/2016.  She is out of our Adele and the 2012 Vice World Champion Civetta Dei Boschi D'Oro "Ferrero".  Mela is the sweetest and most loving dog I've owned.  She loves to meet new people and is quick to snuggle right up to them.  Her nickname is "Smiley" because she always has a smile on her face.  I could not have asked for a better dog to be a breed ambassador.  Everyone who meets her wants to take her home.  Mela has all her health testing and has received her OFA CHIC number.

Havana is our new young "brown and tan" female.  She was born February 25, 2021 and has lived the farm life until now.  We are having a lot of fun acclimating her to the city.  Havana is currently going through health testing and we will hopefully add her to our breeding program in 2023.

Yellow Brick Road's Dizzy Miss Lizzy - "Lizzy"

  • PennHip - .44 and .45 (90th Percentile)
  • JE - carrier
  • LSD - clear
  • Eyes clear (winter 2019)
  • Patella - normal
  • My Dog DNA on file
  • OFA CHIC #: 116795

We lost our old man winter 2018 and our house will never be the same.  Hubbell was the old man of our house.  He was our puppy nanny; he loved to play with the little ones.  He always had a smile on his face and was happy with his morning kisses and evening snuggles.  He is greatly missed.